Worship Service

Sabbath November 26, 2022

Prelude: Carol Koliadko

Welcome: Lee Grimstad

Worship in Song : Pastor Ryan Rogers

Congregational Prayer: Lee Grimstad

Children’s Story: Jason McLin

Church Life Story: Lee Grimstad

Worship in Giving : Lee Grimstad

Local Church Mission


1 Corinthians 5:7

Sermon: Dr. John Oliver

Jesus in the Passover

Response Song: Bryan Bailey

Benediction: Lee Grimstad

Postlude: Carol Koliadko

Worship Coordinator: Carol Woodward

Stewardship Report through January 31, 2022

Please remember your Local Church Mission in your prayers and giving.


YTD Tithe 2022: $31826.15

YTD Tithe 2021: $59344.96

Local Church Budget 2022

Budget Amount: $16777.08

Received this month: $10926.80

Difference: $-5850.28

Local Church Budget 2021

Actual: $9,792.80

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