V2V Booth Application

Once Submitted, this application will be processed by the V2V team and we will get back to you letting you know if your booth is approved for the event ASAP and, at the latest, within a week of the June 1 application deadline.

Valley2Village Booth Application

The Valley2Village fundraising event is a community effort! Our community is coming together to show kindness to one another. Join us in making a difference in Alaska Native Villages, while enjoying a memorable community event.

We are excited to feature booths that represent or support our community or the native communities we are serving. Our aim is for each booth to add value to the event by making it a richer community experience. If that sounds like a good fit for your business, non-profit, or personal hobby, we invite you to apply to host a booth. We are happy to make this a win-win by featuring what you do at our event.

What will the V2V team provide?

   • Space: We will provide a 10’ by 10’ space. Most spaces will be outdoor. There is some indoor space for those that need to be indoors.
   • Electricity: We will provide electricity to your booth if you indicate that you need it in the comments.

What is required of booth hosts?

   • Application: Submit a completed application bellow before June 1.
   • Equipment: Supply any booth equipment, decor or supplies (tables, signs…)
   • Fee: There is no charge to host a booth but there is limited space and a cut of sales. If a booth makes any sales, 25% of the proceeds will be given to Arctic Mission Adventure. V2V staff will visit each sales booth within the hour after the event (4pm-5pm) to see the sales record and collect the 25%.
   • Setup: Hosts will do all the set up for their booth. The site will be open for setup on Thursday and Friday (June 9 & 10) from 8am to 8pm, and Sunday beginning at 6am. V2V will not be responsible for the security of any materials left on site prior to the event.
   • Cleanup: Hosts will remove everything from their booth site by Sunday (June 12), 11pm.
   • Staffing: Booths must be staffed during the entire event, 12-4pm.
   • Sponsors: Allow V2V team to post signage/promotionals for event sponsors at booth.

Prohibited Activities:
   • Food: Event food sales will raise money for Arctic Mission Adventure. To protect this effort, booths are not allowed to provide food, either purchase or free of charge.
   • Substances: V2V is a drug free, alcohol free, smoke free event.
   • Family Friendly: Booths will not be allowed to promote any activity that is not appropriate for a family friendly event. Most likely, if there would be any issue on this point it would be identified in the application process. Please help us make this event a wholesome experience for all ages.
   • Noise Production: Booths are not allowed to amplified or electronic noise. This includes music, megaphones, sound systems… If there are noise production needs, you have that you aren’t sure are allowed please detail them in the “Comments” section of the application. The reason for limiting noise is to allow for activities of the main stage to be easily heard and to keep noise levels comfortable in general.

Booth Application Contact:

   • Mike Ryder (mikeslife@att.net)
   • Misty Stein (misty.d.stein@gmail.com)


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