Adra Donation Codes

ADRA, in collaboration with NAD, has decided to consolidate all currently existing ADRA donation codes into 5 major categories, listed below.  Adventist Giving will immediately disable all the existing ADRA codes and replace them with these codes:

ADRA – 47000
ADRA is the global humanitarian arm of the Seventh-day Adventist Church delivering relief and development assistance to individuals in more than 120 countries. Gifts to ADRA will provide families with emergency aid in times of crisis or natural disaster and longer-term, sustainable assistance to people battling chronic hunger, homelessness, and other life-threatening challenges, so they can live as God intended.

ADRA Health Programs – 47400
Poor health is often at the heart of poverty and suffering. Here are some ways giving to the ADRA Health fund helps build healthier lives for those we serve; improving access to safe water sources, providing hygiene and sanitation solutions, helping families access nourishing food, supporting pregnant women and mothers, and delivering reliable health support.

ADRA Education Programs – 47300
Education for all helps safeguard against chronic poverty, violence, abuse, exploitation, and even reduces vulnerability to natural disasters. Here are some ways giving to the ADRA Education fund helps remove obstacles to learning: providing access to primary, secondary, and tertiary education, delivering school supplies, uniforms, and other resources, teaching adult literacy classes, and providing technical and vocational education.

ADRA Livelihood Programs – 47500
Livelihood training is a key contributor to breaking the cycle of poverty. Here are some ways giving to the ADRA Livelihoods fund will help end generational poverty; empowering savings and loan groups in vulnerable communities, preparing communities for climate resiliency, training farmers to improve their methods, and empowering women to become business leaders in their communities.

ADRA Emergency Response and Preparedness – 47200
When disaster strikes, those whose lives are the most at risk are often furthest from help. Every year, ADRA responds to more than 100 emergencies around the world: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, droughts, civil strife, and more. Contributions to the ADRA Emergency Response and Preparedness fund will help support a global network of offices and partners to quickly mobilize resources and bring relief to the hardest-hit areas.


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