Food Vendors

Bring on the food!

Food Vendor Information:

- The first step in partnering as a food vendor is to fill out the application.

- Our Food Vendor Coordinator is Dexter Saddler (

- There is no charge for food vendor space.

- All food vendors will work as independent contractors, paying for their own food, setting their own menu, operating under their own permits/licenses, setting their own prices, and setting up their space.

- Food vendors will keep 85% of their sales and give 15% of their sales as charity to the community booth of their choice. The community booth must be one of those featured at the event. If a food vendor would like to choose more than one beneficiary, this will require an additional 15% per additional beneficiary.

- Menu restrictions include no Biblically unclean meats and no alcohol.

- Commercial kitchen space can be provided for prep for those food vendors who need it and make advanced arrangements.

  • Amplified noise and generators are prohibited.

Forget Me Not Food Vendor Application

Once Submitted, this application will be processed by the Forget Me Not team and we will get back to you letting you know if your application is approved for the event ASAP and, at the latest, within a week of the June 1 application deadline.



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